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Deborah Anderson, PhD, MS, MT(ASCP)SH

What's my story?

What's my educational background?

  • PhD in Instructional Design for Online Learning

  • Master of Science in Biomedical Writing

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology

  • Associate degree in Applied Science - Medical Laboratory Technician

  • Certified as a Medical Technologist with a Specialty in Hematology

Who Am I?

I am seasoned medical writer with over 14 years’ experience writing medical content for various audiences. I have strong instructional design tendencies that are often incorporated in my writing.

What's my story?

I am living my passion of writing medical content, in a clear, easy-to-read, understandable format for audiences that range from laypeople, sales reps, PharmDs, PhDs, MDs, and managed care directors. 


With my strong background in science, I am able to pick up science concepts quickly and develop content that educates and engages professionals. 


I help my clients design and develop compelling medical and educational content that fosters collaboration and helps the target audience communicate more effectively with their clients. 

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